• Is GP Mobile Car Wash & Detail Insured? Yes, we are licensed and insured. 
  • Who are your employees? We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against employees’ race, ethnicity, or gender. We select the very top candidates to join our team of winners. Everyone that applies with our company must love cars and take pride in their work. Employees follow company rules and everyone goes through a background check. The candidates that meet our qualifications are the ones that stay in our company.
  • How does GP Mobile Car Wash & Detail work? We travel to the customer’s home or place of work and do the detailing there. 
  • Does GP Mobile Car Wash & Detail do fleets? Yes, we can take care of your entire home’s fleet of vehicles or complete an entire office of employees’ vehicles. Wouldn’t it be nice to get off of work and drive home in a clean car to be with your family without worrying about waiting in those long lines just for a car wash?
  • How long do services take? The time required depends on the service you choose. A Basic car wash will take around 30 minutes, a Premium car detailing will last around one and a half hours, and an Extreme car detailing can last up to three hours depending on how dirty the car is.
  • Why choose us? Convenience, we come to you! We also use Eco-friendly products!
  • Can I follow a schedule, and why should I? You don’t have to go to a car wash anymore because we will keep your car shiny and clean  throughout the year. 
  • Are there special discounts? GP Mobile Car Wash & Detail gives discounts to those veterans that have put their life on the front lines of war to protect this great nation. We also provide discounts to senior citizens and teachers who prepare and mold the brains of the kids that will keep this country standing.