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Companies in Lincoln and the surrounding areas need to keep their fleet vehicles clean and ready to go at all times. We understand it can be difficult to find the experienced personnel and the time. The lack of maintenance on your cars can drastically reduce the value of your company cars. We will deal with the headache of planning and scheduling your fleet wash, keeping it clean and ready to go-big or small fleets, we can help. We will keep track of each of your cars by recording the number of the car on a time sheet when we clean either weekly or every two weeks. We understand that keeping a regular schedule with us is the best way to keep the appearance of your fleet. Be confident with your business and arrive in style to your customers!

Reliable Truck Wash In Lincoln, NE

GP Mobile Car Wash and Detail proudly presents top-notch truck wash services in Lincoln, NE, delivering a lasting impression on your vehicles both on and off the road. As the most trusted experts in the city, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and well-kept truck for your business and personal needs.

Our team of highly experienced professionals utilizes excellent techniques and eco-friendly products to effectively eliminate stubborn grime, mud, and road contaminants, restoring your truck’s pristine appearance. Whether you own a single pickup truck or manage a fleet of commercial vehicles, our services cater to all sizes and types, ensuring meticulous attention to every detail.

With our comprehensive truck washing service, every nook and cranny of your truck receives thorough cleansing, leaving it spotless and gleaming. Experience the satisfaction of driving a refreshed and presentable truck with GP Mobile Car Wash and Detail. Schedule an appointment today, and let us elevate your truck’s appearance while preserving its longevity!

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We can take care of the lot by setting you with a weekly or bi-weekly schedule.

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We provide a convenient truck wash service in Lincoln NE that is tailored for busy customers. The day you had to drive to a car wash and wait for your car to be finished is long gone. In today’s hectic, non-stop environment, it is convenient to have GB Mobile Car Wash come to your office. Most importantly, our expert truck washers in Lincoln NE have received instruction in correct vehicle washing methods and effectively displayed these abilities during the training process. We can offer the necessary vehicle wash services since we are prepared, completely equipped, and insured. Please call for prices. 

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